Wild Rags

Why Wear A Wild Rag?

  • Silk is the most absorbent of all natural fibers.
  • Silk naturally wicks away moisture while keeping you dry.
  • Silk is warmer than wool.
  • It gets softer with wear.
  • Silk is the most desired clothing fiber (natural or man made).
  • Silk has been worn for 4000 years.
  • Extra Large Wildrags

    These wildrags measure over 42" square.
    They are made of 100% silk and available in the following colors:

    Black, Chocolate, Charcoal, Forest,
    Maroon, Navy, Red, Royal Blue and Sage.

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    Silk Wild Rags
    These 100% silk wild rags are hand-hemmed and are finished to a generous 34" X 34". Available in 15 colors.

    A. Black  B. White  C. Chocolate  D. Yellow  E. Teal-DISCONTINUED  F. Emerald  G. Forest  H. Tan  I. Silver
    J. Turquoise  K. Plum  L. Maroon  M. Royal Blue  N. Red  O. Navy Blue. etc.

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    Jacquard Wild Rags
    These wild rags are 100% silk with a jaquard pattern on them. They are hemmed and finished to 34" X 34".

    A. Black   B. Red   C. Forest -DISCONTINUED  D. Royal Blue   E. Rootbeer- DISCONTINUED  F. Wine   G. Slate Blue   H. Teal   I. Silver  J. Navy  K. Yellow  L. Chocolate  M. Sage  N. Purple  O. White  P. Charcoal

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    Silk Brand Wild Rags

    These are 100% silk with brand patterns and finished to 34" X 34".

    A. Gold   B. Tan   C. Royal Blue   D. Sage   E. Black   F. Red

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    Silk Polka Dot Wild Rags
    100% silk in a polka dot pattern. These are finished to size 34" X 34".

    A. Black
    B. Red
    C. Sage
    D. Navy
    E. Forest
    F. Charcoal
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    Silk Paisley Wild Rags
    These 100% silk wild rags measure 34" X 34"

    A. Silver / Black    B. Plum / Maroon    C. Green Paisley    D. Blue / Silver     E. Red / Black   
    F. Blue / Gold    G. Green / Chocolate

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    Silk Paisley Wild Rags

    These wildrags are 100% silk and measure 34" X 34".

    A. Paisley Gold/Black     B. Paisley Silver/Smoke     C. Paisley Wine/Olive
    D. Paisley Brass/Bronze     E. Frontier Tendril     F. Frontier Leaf     G. Paisley Raspberry/White
    H. Frontier Acanthus     I. Frontier Vine
    J. Paisley Navy/Brown

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    Custom Scarf Slide

    The custom scarf slide is totally hand made and hand engraved
    in our silver shop. It is made out of
    Sterling silver with a 10 karat gold-fill brand.
    It has a bright finish. Please send a clear image of your brand.

    Rio Grande Scarf Slide

    These are hand-made of frosted sterling silver with your
    brand cut out in a deep, eye-catching technique that uses
    two layers of material. Please send us a clear image
    of your brand. This scarf slide is 1 1/2" in diameter.

    Concho Scarf Slide

    This scarf slide is made of hand engraved Sterling silver. It is 1 1/2" diameter and has a bright finish.

    Concho Scarf Slide

    This scarf slide features a 1 1/2" hand engraved Sterling silver concho with an antiqued finish.

    Rawhide Rag Knot

    Expertly hand braided rawhide rag knot. Made by skilled craftsmen.

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    How to tie a 4-Square Buckaroo Wildrag Knot

    We used two different colors to make the instructions easier to understand.

    A. Wrap one end (black) over your hand twice and hold with your fingers and thumb as shown

    B. Pass the other end (red) under the loop closest to it

    C. Bring the same end (red) around the back of everything

    D. This end (red) comes out from behind

    E. Pass this end (red) over the loop closest to it and under the other loop

    F. The finished knot shown after being tightened

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