Whips and Quirts

Hand Braided Nylon Whips
Each whip is made by hand, one at a time, by Krist King. They are treated for extra body and long life.

A. Stock Whips
The Stock whips are available in 6, 8, 10, and 12' lengths. The length does not include the popper or the 16" hardwood handle.

B. Bull Whips
The Bull whips are available in the same 6, 8, 10, and12 foot lenghts as the Stock whip. The length does not include the popper or the 9" braided handle.

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Ecomony Stock Whip

These whips are made of machine braided black nylon. The braided part
measures 5' in length and the wooden handle adds another 12".

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Plain Rawhide Quirt (Top)
Hand-braided rawhide quirt. 17" body with a 11" popper.

Rawhide Hobbles (Middle)
Hand-Braided rawhide hobbles.

Two-Tone Rawhide Quirt (Bottom)
Two-tone rawhide braided quirt. 17" body with a 12" popper.

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How to Tie a New Popper on a Whip

You should replace the popper before it goes away completely and does damage to the braided part of the whip
Extra poppers are available below. They are made of treated nylon

Image A shows the whip without a popper, ready for a new one

Tie one end of the popper above the last knot of the whip using a clove hitch knot as shown in Image B

Tighten the clove hitch and tie a half hitch knot below the others as in Image C

Image D shows the completed job

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