Get Ready To Rope
with Joe Wolter

Wheather you are headed to the branding pen or just want
a more confident horse, this DVD offers valuable lessons
and insights. Joe Wolter provides viewers with a variety of
exercises to help keep riders safe and their horses
comfortable in real world roping situations.
Runtime 98 minutes

Topics covered include:
Expose your horse to the rope
Get your horse comfortable with pulling
Encourage your horse to help you
Get your horse in position
Teach your horse to rate
Keep you and your horse out of trouble

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Four young Cowboys hatch an outrageous plot to adopt, train, and ride
a string of wild mustangs 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada
through the wildest terrain of the American West.
The trip became an epic journey of self-discovery, tested
friendships, and iconic landscapes that included runaway horses, a sassy donkey,
perilous mountain passes, rodeos, sickness, injury, and death.

The Audience Award winner at Telluride Mountainfilm and
Hot Docs Film Festival, Unbranded is a soaring tale of danger
and resilience, an emotionally charged odyssey that shines a bright
light on the complex plight of our country's wild horses.

90 Minutes

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Starting Over
A Day in the Corral with Joe Wolter

Spend a day with one of America's most renowned horsemen,
as he restarts two green horses that have not been ridden in
over two years. Joe is know for his deep understanding of livestock
and his good-natured approach to working both anmials and people.
His techniques are based on pratical ranch experience and lessons
learned from some of the world's most revered horsemen.

Running time 1:40

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Canuck Cowmen
The Cowboys of Alberta and Saskatchewan

The Royal North West Mounted Police were the first ranchers
in Alberta. They laid the foundation for the three major
Cowtowns: Fort Macleod, Calgary and Maple Creek. Fort Benton,
a trading post in Montana, played an important role in provideing
longhorns for the first ranches. These Mexican cattle were trailed
up to Alberta by Texas Cowpunchers. The Canadians picked up their style
of riding and handling cattle. And developed large corporate ranches
funded by wealthy Scotsmen. A few of these ranches are still operating.
Today, you see Buckaroo-style gear and Vaquero-style horsemanship.
Theses California traditions were passed down in clinics by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.
Vaquero Series 13
103 minutes running time

North of the Border

The Northern Buckaroos inherited the Californio Vaquero traditions back in the 1850s.
Gold was discovered and miners needed beef. Cattle from California and
Oregon Territory, were driven by up to the Gold Fields by Vaqueros
and Buckaroos. And they introduced the Buckaroo traditions to
Canada. When Northern Buckaroos drove cattle and horses to Alberta,
they met up with Punchers bringing cattle from Texas.
Over time Buckaroos took the best of the Texas traditions
and blended them with their own Buckaroo style.
Today, you see a mixture of the two.

Cow Hunters
of Florida

A Cow Hunter is a special breed of cowboy who can track
a wild cow through densewoods and return her to the herd unscathed.
Cow Hunters originated 400 years ago in the Carolinas, and when
England took over Florida, these traditions migrated with them. They brought their
cur dogs and whips. And a unique brand of Cow Hunter lingo, cattle hide
in a hammock and graze in a crevice. A maverick cow is a heradick.
While the Brits brought their Cowkeeping customs, the cattle and horses were all
Spanish. In fact, 450 years ago the first ranches in the states started on Florida soil.
And the descendants of those Spanish cattle and horses are still here.
Running time 98 minutes. Vaquero Series Vol. 11

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Bayou Cowboys
of Louisiana

In this country cowboying goes along with part-time gator hunting.
And Cajun and Zydeco music packs more kick than a Crawfish Etouffee. Cattle handling
draws on many roots. France, Canada, Africa Spain, with a little Texas thrown in, too.
And muddy marshlands, drenching rains, and vicious hurricanes wield their influence on horses,
saddles and the intrepid cowboys who ride them. So when it comes to gear,
practicality rules. Featuring the Cajun, Creole and Marshlands Cowboys
with plenty of lively Cajun and Zydeco Cowboy music.
Running time 98 minutes. Vaquero Series Vol. 10

Texas Cowpuncher
Part Two

The Texas Cowpuncher comes in many forms, born by the chunk of
country he calls home. Down in Gulf Country, cowboys can get ornery
crossbred Brahmas to do most anything, even swim the Intracoastal Waterway
to winter grazing grounds. Further inland, they rely on their dogs "to bay up"
the cattle in the swamps and woodlands. In the Brush Country,
cattle hide in thorny mesquite thickets, but fearless Brush Poppers charge right
in after them. And in West Texas, branding takes weeks as Punchers
moved from camp to camp with the wagon and a hundred-horse remuda.
The day begins before sunup and doesn't finish until two gathers and two
brandings are done. The hours are long and the pay is short. But if you're a Puncher,
you wouldn't trade it for anything. Featuring the White Ranch, Tongue River
Ranch, 06 Ranch and many others. Running time116 minutes.
Vaquero Series Vol. 9

Texas Cowpuncher
Part One

The Texas Puncher cut his teeth roping wild longhorns, then drove them
east, on the Opelousas Trail to New Orleans, through treacherous swamps
and rivers. Years later, he headed 'em north to the railheads.
When the big ranches - XIT, Matador, Pitchfork and 06 were established,
he had wild country to contend with cavernous canyons, rivers with quicksand,
mesquite thickets that tore his gear apart and cows determined never to be tamed.
This was reflected in his gear and the way he works.
He packs a short rope and ties hard and fast. He uses split
reins and wears leggins heavy as armor. He's always in a hurry to get
the job done before the midday sun reaches its broiling point.
Featuring Buster McLaury, Waddie Mitchell, Boots O'Neal, Chris Lacey and ranches
from the rugged west to the desert south to the pineywoods of east Texas.
Music by Don Edwards, the Gillette Brothers and Ken Moore.
Vaquero Series Vol. 8


With their slick-fork saddles and silver spade bits, the Californio Vaqueros
still trail cattle through the golden hills of California. Meet the men
and women who work the ranches and carry the tradition forward
- stalwarts like Ernie Morris, the descendants of expert horsemen Bill and Tom Dorrance,
spade bit man Bruce Sandifer, Jay and Deeth Harney and the young
folks who are reviving the vaquero traditions. From the hackamore, to the
two-rein, to straight up in the bridle, see how they
make a horse as fluid as silk. Learn their secrets to braiding
the rawhide reata and throwing the figure eight.
Running time: 82 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol. 1

The Remuda
The Buckaroos

In a remote Nevada cow camp, they jingle in the remuda.
Steam rises up off the horses' backs. The jigger boss's rope
whistles through the air, expertly landing on target. A buckaroo picks
up a horse, halters and leads him to the corral. It's a
ritual that seems almost choreographed, but to a buckaroo, it's just part
of another day, an outgrowth of a tradition going back 300 years
to the original Californio Vaqueros. Get a first-hand look at buckaroo
life on remote outfits like the White Horse, YP and TS Ranches
in Owyhee Country and learn the vaquero method for training horses from
Buckaroo Richard Caldwell. Get a front row seat at the Jordan Valley
Big Loop Rodeo, where they rope wild horses with a twenty-foot loop.
Running time:90 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol. 2

Tierra Encantado
New Mexico Cowboy

The enchanted land, where Spaniards introduced the horse and ranching traditions going
back four hundred years is the great Southwestern melting pot. Spanish, Indian,
and Anglo come together in New Mexico to forge a colorful culture.
This state is home to ranches such as the Bell, the Pecos,
the Conchas, San Cristobal and the Sanchez Ranch. Music by Pedro Marquez,
Don Edwards, Rod Taylor and the best of the New Mexico Cowboy Singers.
Running time :96 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol. 6

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The Long-Eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail

A most spectacular horse and mule raid took place in California
in 1840. A motley crew of thieves raided ranchos and missions
from Monterey to San Diego. Why would they risk their lives?
Everyone wanted mules. Americans were on the move, headed west and
there was no sturdier, more powerful and reliable means of travel
than a mule. These California mules, along with finely trained Vaquero horses
were driven twelve hundred miles up the Old Spanish Trail from Los Angeles
to Santa Fe and then seven hundred more miles up the Santa Fe
Trail to Independence Missouri. Today, people are just as enthusiastic about their mules
as they were in the 1800s. Meet the men who sing his praises
- packers Ross Knox and Graham Goodfield, mule traders Rufus and Dickie Reese.
Featuring Juni Fisher and cowboy singer and packer
Dave Stamey with his new song "Never Kiss a Mule."
Running time: 98 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol. 7

Holo Holo Paniolo
The Hawaiian Cowboy

"Holo holo" in Hawaiian means to ride or get around. And that's
what you'll do as you see the workings of twenty ranches across
5 islands. The Hawaiian cowboys inherited a rich history when three California
vaqueros arrived on the islands to teach the Hawaiians how to rope,
ride and catch the wild cattle. From this beginning they developed their
own style by chasing down those wild critters on the volcanic slopes
of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, roping them and necking them to a tree.
The next morning, the paniolo would untie the snorting bull; snub him
to his saddle horn and "lead him" down the mountain.
Needless to say, this demanded great horsemanship and uncommon bravery.
Running time: 96 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol. 3

Los Primeros
The First Vaqueros

The Vaquero's roots go deep. His beginnings are on the other side
of the world, it has been a long journey - 13 centuries -
back to the Moors of North Africa and their nimble Barb horses.
To Spain, where the blending of Moorish and Spanish horse cultures
laid the groundwork for the bridle horse that was the hallmark of
these superb reinsmen. To Mexico, where the underpinnings for roping and
handling cattle on the open range evolved. And to California, where it
all came together. Here, the secrets of training horses through centuries of practice
came full flower. And the hackamore, romal reins and spade bit were
refined. Filmed in Spain, Mexico, California and the American West. Running time: 94 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol.5

The Northern Range Cowboy

While buckaroos drove cattle from the Great Basin to Montana and Wyoming,
Texas punchers were driving longhorns up the Goodnight Loving Trail. The two
cultures came together in Wyoming/Montana territory and the Northern Range
Cowboy was born. To make a hand here, you've got to ride
rough horses with plenty of buck in em' and stick it out through
long, cold winters. Houlihan takes you on the next leg of the Vaquero Trail
- to great ranches like the Padlock, the Arapahoe and the Hoodoo, and the
famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.
Running time: 95 minutes
Vaquero Series Vol.4

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Understanding the Function of the Reins & Riding with an Independent Seat NO LONGER AVAILABLE

John Moore brings together a deep knowledge of equine behavior and unique
horse training techniques to form an extremely effective equine training and problem
solving program. John has been sought after by competitve riders of all
disciplines to help them develop a more effective training program based on
a deeper understanding of the equine animal. He has helped thousands of
horse owners and riders, professional as well as amateur, with issues ranging
from ground manners and trailer loading problems to colt starting, finish work
and showing.
Running time: 1 hour 26 minutes

There's Roping to Do
with Joe Wolter and Friends
Special Guest- Bill Dorrance

This 2-hour DVD will be useful for anyone interested in the
kind of day-to-day roping encountered on a working ranch. Joe
Wolter, with some help from Bill Dorrance, takes the viewer through the
basics, from building a loop to roping on a colt for the
first time.
Topics covered include:

Building a Loop
The Swing
Head Shots
Working in a Herd
Working on the Ground
Heel Shots
Roping on your Horse for the First Time

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Wild Horse Handling
With Bryan Neubert

This video shows Bryan Neubert's communication with a young, wild horse fresh
off the Nevada range. He shows that basic horse handling principles, when
applied to any horse, can be a valuable learning experience for all
horsemen. The colt becomes trusting and confident as Bryan demonstrates how he
catches, halters, handles the feet, leads and mounts this wild horse for
the first time. You will see each step develop, building a solid
foundation for the rest of this young horse's life. These principles can
be applied to every horse, whether it's wild or the best bred
in the country. You will greatly profit from the information Bryan has
presented in this video.

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with Tom Dorrance

An in-depth look at the philosophy of Tom Dorrance and his
unique way of working with horses. This video includes "horse sessions" from
Tom's many clinics throughout the United States.
Aproximate running time- 2 hours.
Only available on DVD.

Feel, Timing & Balance
with Tom Dorrance

The contents of this DVD present the work of Tom Dorrance, an
extraordinarily gifted horseman. His unique approach was founded on the belief that
the human needs to think more and do less-- to feel what
the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is. This
DVD is not a "How To" instructional guide; it is about trying
to understand the essence of Tom Dorrance's work. How to apply his
approach to horses in a way that will help the viewer work
toward the "True Unity and willing communication between horse and human" at
any level. Two Disc set.
Total running time: 2 hours 52 minutes

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Ranch Album

Nationally released as an hour-long PBS special. Ranch Album celebrates rough
country ranching in Northern Arizona. Season by season, the people of this
film describe what they do and why they do it. In the
process, they reveal a sense of something more important- a spirit and
culture that have survived in the American West for a very long time.
Available in DVD only.

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Introduction to Rawhide Braiding
The Cowboy's Craft
with Bryan Neubert

This instructional homemade video is approximately two hours long showing clear pictures
of braiding and rawhide knots. Learn how to braid 4,8
and 12 strings in addition to all the basic buttons necessary for
making reins and romal, bosals, quirts, hackamores, reatas and hobbles. Also included
are sources for tools and materials along with an insert detailing string
measurements for these items.

Advanced Rawhide Braiding


Make a one string long button
Make a button and a half
Fill in color patterns on a long button
Take a heel knot to under three level
How to interweave another color in the heel knot
Side button
Increase Spanish Ring Button

This information shown will definitely put more value and professionalism in your
rawhide or leather braided cowboy equipment.
Available in DVD and VHS

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Roping Fool
Will Rogers' Epic Film

Will Rogers, the legendary vaudeville comedian and Wild West Show performer, stars
in his most famous role as "The Roping Fool". In this film,
Will Rogers ropes everything from outlaws and horses to ducks and
cats- even a mouse. This film was reproduced on video tape from
the original film made in 1925. This new enhanced version includes new
music, out takes, and narration by Will Rogers Jr.

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The First Week

Jim and Bryan Neubert, and Joe Wolter got together to start twenty
head of colts for the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas for
their first week of handling. Join them on this over seven hour
video or DVD as they start these colts on their first lesson
on catching, leading, gentling, saddling, riding, roping, riding out, hobbling, feet handling,
trailer loading, cow-working, gate opening, trailing loose horses and a whole
lot of little things in between that can make a big difference.
Whether you have one colt to start or a hundred you might
benefit from joining them as these horses progress in "The First Week."

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Cowboy: the Legend the Legacy
Presented by Red Steagall

Singer, songwriter and the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas, western entertainer Red
Steagall is the host of this inspiring one-man show. The special
is taped in front of an intimate live audience in the living
room of Red's own rustic ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Red is
joined during this dynamic musical hour by country superstar Reba McEntire, and
Red's own band, the Boys in the Bunkhouse as they speak to
the history and legacy of the American Cowboy. Available on DVD and VHS.
Running time: 58 minutes

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Moorhouse Ranch

Join All Around Performance Horse Weekly hosts John Klam, Sean Koehler and
Scotty Cobb riding with Tom Moorhouse and his crew as they gather
cattle in the Spring of 2006.

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Back To The Beginning with Ray Hunt Master of Communication

From the time it all began, Ray Hunt has tried to show
the human how to approach the horse. Many have tried to emulate,
which is the highest form of flattery, but none have had the
feel, timing and balance which Ray works on still to this day.
Ray is always working from where the horse is at being aware
of the horse's physical and mental expression. There is nothing mystical, just
a man with a passion for horses ever thinking, ever feeling, always
working on how much less he can do to get the understanding
to come through.

Colt Starting with Ray Hunt Master of Communication

Come spend three days with America's most effective horseman as he starts
four previously unridden colts. Here is the Ray Hunt Colt Starting Clinic
you've always wanted to attend- Ray himself working with the colts from
the ground! You'll see this master horseman interact naturally with young horse,
without gimmicks or abuse. You'll experience and begin to understand the mental
togetherness that eliminates forcing and leads a horse to learn - to accept
your ideas as his ideas. Ray Hunt's attitude and philosophy about the
horse and its relationship to its rider, combined with his techniques that
have been refined over 30 years with thousands of colts, can be
one of the major influences of your lifetime with horses. This DVD
contains more than 5 hours of hands-on instruction contained on 2 DVDs.

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Martin Black Colt Starting Philosophy

Join Martin Black as he guides you through the highlights of the
first day of riding for several colts and one young stallion. The
result is an introduction to his philosophy of colt starting as well
as some great demonstrations of many key horsemanship concepts that will be
useful to every rider.

Martin Black Working Cattle in The "A" Pen An Introduction

Join Martin Black as he guides you through the use of the
"A" Pen-- a pen designed to build the defense in your cow
horse in a clear and efficient way. By letting your horse rest
when he is in position on the cow and putting him to
work when he is not, your horse will learn his job and
have a good attitude about getting it done.

Bridle Horse Series
with Martin Black

Three DVDs The Two-Rein, The Hackamore, The Bridle.

Great Basin horseman Martin Black delivers an insightful DVD series for the
aspiring bridle horse maker and admirer alike. In these DVDs, Martin will
share with you what he has learned from his experiences buckarooing on
some big outfits and working around top-horseman using traditional gear and
methods. Learn the function and use of this traditional gear, proper fitting
and selection in the process of making of bridle horse. This is
not the latest and greatest he is sharing, but rather an old
tradition he wants to preserve and honor. Filled with great music and
historical photos, this series is sure to educate and entertain.

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