Tally Book

Flower Carved Tally Book

A beautiful, hand carved flower design is featured on this Custom Leather Tally Book. Shown is the Cowboy Rose pattern. An Oak Leaf design is also available.Brands or initals can be added. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.

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Basket Stamped Tally Book

The Tally Book is a smaller version of our Notebook. It is made by hand, one at a time. As with most of our leather products, the Tally Books can be personalized (see below). Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Carlos Border Stamped Tally Book

This unique design is called the Carlos Border Stamp. It gives the Tally Book a neat and distinctive look. As with all our leather products, we use only the finest materials available. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Plain Leather Tally Book

This style of Tally Book is done in smooth leather with a natural oil finish. Our Tally Books have become very popular because of their compact size (8 3/4" X 6").

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Adding Brands or Initials

All of our Tally Books can be personalized. We can add names, brands or initials. We hand-cut and hand-dye each letter or brand. Please specify the letters you want in the Notes area of the order form. Brands must be mailed, emailed or faxed to us. Allow 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Custom Leather Tally Book

Our Leather Tally Books feature a 5" X 7"
writing pad, a pen holder with pen, & two pockets.
When folded, they measure 8 3/4" X 6".

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