Bridle Reins

Our split bridle reins come in several sizes with 5/8"
being the most popular. They are available in heavy harness
leather or Grade A burgandy latigo leather.
All bridle reins are hand made, come with
water loops and ties and are approximately 7 to 7 1/2 feet long.

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Braided Split Reins

A. 5/8" harness leather with natural and brown rawhide braiding. Ties at bit ends. Matches headstalls 4-35 & 4-36.

B. Harness leather in 5/8" with white rawhide knots. Water loops and ties at bit end. Matches headstalls 4-575 & 4-300.

C. Heavy harness leather reins with latigo poppers on the ends. These have water ties on the bit end and are 5/8" x 8'.

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Roping Reins
These are a single rein used for roping.

A. Latigo roping rein in 1/2". Also available in 5/8" width.
B. Harness leather 1/2" roping rein. Also in 5/8"
C. Braided latigo roping rein. 5/8" wide at bit ends.
D. Harness leather roping rein with rounded center piece.
E. Rounded braided latigo roping rein with rawhide ends.
F. Harness roping rein in 1/2" with white rawhide knots.
G. Harness roping rein in 5/8" with two-tone braided rawhide knots.
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Rawhide Braided Romel Reins
Hand-braided 12 plait with over 125 braided knots and buttons. Great balance and feel. .

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Leather Romel Rein

Made of harness leather, these romel reins feature braided rawhide knots.
The reins are 5/8" wide and the romel is 5/8" wide and double thickness .

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Leather Romel Rein

These reins are made of harness leather. They are 5/8" wide
and the romel is 5/8" wide and double thickness.

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Grass Hackamore Reins

This is a braided grass rein that has been waxed
for extra body and feel. A favorite with horse trainers,
these reins do require some break-in
time before they get that "just right" feel.
These reins are 1" wide and measure 16' in total length.

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Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how to tie these reins on a bosal.

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Water Ties

These are handy to have on hand for quick repairs.
They are heavy harness leather, 5/8" wide and sold in pairs with latigo tie strings.

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Bridle Ties

These are used to attach a bit to a headstall
or reins to a bit. They are slightly narrower
than 3/8" and are 6'-7' long and have beveled edges.
You can make several ties from one strip.

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How to tie a reins on a bit
This knot can be used to tie headstalls also

Image A

To tie this knot you start with a simple overhand knot. We try to keep the top string headed toward the rear of the horse as shown

Image B

The top string goes back under the bottom string making sure that it enters over the first knot as shown by the black arrow

Image C

This image shows the top string going over the first knot

Image D

This is the finished knot. Continue to pull and tighted both end untill it is very snug

How to tie a single-piece rein
on a bosal

Start by finding the center of the rein and bringing
the ends up through the bosal as shown in Image A.

Image B shows what that should look like.
You can tighten this down and it may work great
with some bosal/rein combinations but on others
this knot may slip. In that case, you
should take an extra wrap as shown in Image C.

Bring both ends up below the original knot the finished knot
should look like Image D before you tighten it down.

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