Range Teepee

Our Range Teepees are made of heavy 15 oz. cotton canvas.
They all have attached floors and are available
with several options. Range Teepees are easy to
put up and take down and with proper care,
will give you years of dependable service.
Simply secure each of the four corners with a stake
and raise the peak with poles for a windproof,
dry, home-away-from-home. Heavy duty stakes are
provided with each teepee. We also make metal pipe
poles or you can make your own. As with
all canvas products, the teepees must be
thoroughly dry before storing to prevent mildew damage.

The seams of new tents often leak the
first time they are subjected to moisture.
It takes several good soakings to shrink
needle holes tightly against the thread.
We advise that customers set up new tents
and soak them several times with a garden
hose, allowing the tent to thoroughly dry between soakings.

Range Teepees
The Range Teepee comes in two sizes.
The 7' X 7' is a one-man tent and the 9 1/2' X 9 1/2'
is large enough for two. All teepees come
with a vinyl floor and 2 way zipper door.
The teepees require only two 10' poles
which we have available. Four stakes are needed
for this tent. We have a tent bag that is available with each teepee.
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9 1/2' X 9 1/2' Deluxe Wall Teepee
The Deluxe Wall teepee features 2' vertical walls
which add usable floor space. This teepee
has a 3-way zipper door, bug screen door
and screen window located on the back of the teepee.
It has the standard vinyl floor and lantern ring.
The wall teepee requires eight stakes.
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Teepee Options

The top image shows the optional Bug Screen Door.
With the Teepee doors tied back,
you can tell how the Bug Screen works
and see the three-way zipper.
It is sewn inside the canvas door.
Bug screen doors require a three-way zipper
to also be added to the outer canvas door.
This is included in the price for the screen door

The bottom image shows the optional Screen Window.
It has a flap on the outside
for rain protection. It is placed on the back wall
across from the door.

Either size range teepee can be custom ordered
with or without any of the add-ons
listed below, but only a 9.5' X 9.5' can have walls added.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom teepee orders.

We also have a canvas tent bag available.
This will protect the teepee while storing and transporting it.

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Teepee Stakes
These are the metal stakes that come with
the teepees. We send 4 stakes with each
standard teepee and 8 with each wall teepee.
We also have heavy duty metal stakes available.

Teepee Poles and Stakes

Our Teepee poles are made of 3/4" metal pipe.
They consist of two 10' poles that are cut in
half and threaded to make them easier to pack.
The poles are bolted togeather with a
hook attached to the bolt as shown.

Many people make their own poles out of cedar poles
, 2" X 2" lumber or pipe and leave them 10' in length.

Our Teepee stakes are made out of 1/2" metal square stock .
They are 18" long with a chain length welded onto the top.
They are pictured below.

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How to Set-up a Range Teepee

1. Lay the Teepee out flat with the door
unzipped and facing the desired direction.

2. Tie the small ropes provided into the corner
grommets and drive stakes in all four corners
as shown in Image #1.

3. Spread the poles out flat over the Teepee
and attach the pole hook to the D-ring at
the peak of the Teepee as shown in Image #2.

4. Walk the poles toward the sides of the Teepee,
one side and then the other,
until the poles are wedged firmly agains
t the ground and the Teepee is standing
tall and the sides are straight.

Shown is a 7' X 7' Teepee.
The Range Teepees are fast and easy
to set up and take down.

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