Moore Maker Tools

Moore Maker Tools are from Matador, Texas. These tools are built to last and made for
hard work. Feel sure that when you choose Moore Maker tools you are buying the best.

Moore Maker Machete

The 18 inch blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel hardened to 55 Rockwell.
The handle is a super-durable polymer with a lanyard hole.
This machete comes complete with a leather scabbard made by Big Bend Saddlery.

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Double Bit Camp Axe

This handy double bit camp axe is made from 4140 steel hardened
to Rockwell 50. It features a 14 hickory handle
and a Big Bend Saddlery belt scabbard .
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Moore Maker Fence Tools

A. Lineman Pliers
Made of high carbon C1080 steel with yellow comfort grips. These are 9" long.

B. Fence tool
This 10" tool is made of C1080 steel with yellow comfort grips.

C. Tie Bar
This handy tool is used to tie clips to T-posts. It is
hardened steel and is simple to use. Insert the ends of the
clip into the open end of the Tie Bar and twist.
The spiked end is for untying clips from posts. This cuts your
tying time in half. The 7" length fits easily between the strands of a barbwire fence.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to use the Tie Bar

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Barnes Type Dehorners

Grade A 4130 steel blades- convexly curved cutting edges reduce slippage
and aid penetration. Tempered blades, unbreakable steel handles,
and heavy steel rivets make this the best dehorner on the market.

A. Size 4- 350-500# Calves

B. Size 3- 200-350# Calves

C. Size 2- Up to 200# Calves

D. Size 1- Baby Calves

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Bullnose Pliers

Made exclusively for Moore Maker by Cooper Ind. (parent company of Diamond, Cresent, and others).
These fencing tools specifically designed for barbwire and are available in two sizes.

A. 10 3 /4" Fence Pliers

B. 8" Saddle Pliers (not shown)

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Plier Scabbards

Made here in our leather shop, these scabbards are made to carry
Moore Maker pliers on your saddle. They are hand-crafted with the
same attention to detail as our other leather products. Each scabbard
style is available for 10 3/4" Fence Pliers or the 8" Saddle Pliers.

This scabbard is designed to hang on your flank billet.
There is a sleeve in the back that the billet slides
through and a strap that goes over the rear D ring.

Besides being able to carry handy Moore Maker fence pliers,
these scabbards are also made to carry a few horseshoe
nails which, along with a spare shoe, can be used to
tack on a shoe in an emergency. The pliers can
be used to hammer, cut and clinch the nails.

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Bullnose Pliers with Spike

These blued steel pliers are specifically designed for barbwire.
One of the uses of the spike is for pulling fence staples.
These pliers are available in 8" and 10 3/4".

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Barbwire Grip

Used to stretch wire or small cable. Simply insert wire into collar.
The collar then locks against the tapered shaft . Your puller or stretcher
is then hooked into the ring and the wire can be stretched
leaving a loose straight end to tie or splice.

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Plammer Plus


It's uses are: double for holding and pulling staples, waffle head hammer,
wire guides easily in to cutter blades, long, smooth claw
fits under wires, close nails. Auxillary cutter, wire holder for stretching
holding barbed wire, pulling long nails, marks for spacing 4 and 5 wire
fences. Long, smooth handle for twist tightening wire. Large Plammers measure 10 1/2" and fit our large pliers scabbard. The Saddle Plammers measure 9" and fit our small pliers scabbard.

This tool is designed and manufactured in USA by Plammer Plus.

How to use the Moore Maker Tie Bar

These handy little tools are used to tie the clips onto T Posts.
They are a real time saver. We use the long pointed end to put the clip
onto the post and wire.
Start with the short end and twist untill tight and shown in Image A.

Twist the other end tight as shown in Image B and you are finished with that clip.
The Tie Bar fits easily between the wires of the fence.
The hole end is hardened for years of service.

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