Nylon Double Braid Mecates

Mecates are a type of rein that, for many years, have been
used on snaffle bits and rawhide bosals. When used with Slobber Leathers they
form a closed rein and lead rope combined. Double braid nylon is
famous for feel and body. The mecate has a rawhide knot
on one end and a leather popper on the other.
The tassel is made from horsehair. It is 1/2"
in diameter and available in three sizes and two colors.

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Solid Braid Mecate

Solid braid poly rope made into mecates in three colors.
These are 5/8" diameter in 22' lengths. They have genuine
horsehair tassels with leather poppers and a rawhide knot.
Choose from Black , Brown, Tan or Black & White.

Snaffle Rig

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Horsehair Mecate

Hand-twisted from mane hair in assorted colors.
Choose from 3/8'', 1/2'', 5/8'' or 3/4'' diameters in 6-strand.
These mecates are 22' long.

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Tying a Mecate

When tying a mecate to a bit it is imortant that you
make sure that the knot and tassel is on the right side
or the off side of the horse. The rein length is adjustable
so find a length that best suits your needs.

The mecate is attached using the leather straps shown which are called
Slobber Leathers. To go to the slobber leathers page click this link
Slobber Leathers

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