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Leather Bundles

These bundles contain several large pieces of scrap chap leather along with
smaller pieces of chap and latigo leather. These are used for repairs
and small projects. They vary in leather color and weight.
These handy leather bundles weigh around 5 lbs. and are available while
our supply lasts.

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Strap Cutter

This handy wooden tool cuts strips, straps, belts and lace from most leathers.
There are detailed instructions and a cutting blade included

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C.S. Osborne Edgers

Three sizes available

Size #1 has a 1/32" cutting area
Size #2 has a 1/16" cutting area
Size #3 has a 5/64" cutting area

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A. Osborne Skife
Made for skiving leather. Fitted with a special razor blade.

B. Skife Replacement Blades
20 count skife blades in a saftey dispenser

C. Osborne Head Knife
Forged steel blade and hardwood handle. 4 1/2" blade width.

D. Osborne Sharp Pointed Knife
3 3/4" steel blade with hardwood handle.

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Barge All Purpose Cement

This is a top-notch leather cement, but it can also be used
to attach rubber, wood, glass, cork, metal, and many other materials.
Available in a 32 oz. can with a brush in the lid or a 2 oz. tube.

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A. Osborne 5 1/2" Scratch Awl
Steel blade with plastic handle

B. Osborne 4 1/2" Scratch Awl
Steel blade with plastic handle

Osborne 3 1/2" Scratch Awl
(Not shown) Steel blade with plastic handle

C. Osborne Claw Tool
Drop forged claw with plastic handle. Used for removing tacks and nails.

D. Osborne Lacing Fid
Blunt awl for enlarging lacing holes for easy lacing.
5" Fid with hardwood handle

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A. Osborne Concho Cutter
Hardened steel with a polished edge. This cuts a 1 1/2" concho as shown

B. Bees Wax
Used to help tools slide easily through leather.1oz. bar

C. Osborne Tack Hammer
Forged steel head with magnetic end. Hickory handle

D. Osborne Shoe Hammer
Made of drop forged steel with a polished, rounded face and a hickory handle

E. Osborne Cutting Pad
Made of a special formula resilient vinyl plastic, these tough cutting pads are used
on all types of punches. Both sides can be used. It measures 10" x 10" x 3/8".

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Leather Drive Punch Set

This set includes nine steel punches in the following sizes

1/8"   5/32"   3/16"   7/32"   1/4"   5/16"   3/8"   7/16"   1/2"

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A. Osborne Swivel Knife
This adjustable swivle knife comes with 3 hardened steel blades and allen wrench

B. Osborne Four Prong Chisel
Made from high grade tool steel. Cuts 1/8" slits with 1/8" gaps between the slits

C. Osborne Leather Shears
These chrome plated shears cut up to 8 oz. leather. Forged blades. 8 1/4" long

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A. Speedy Stitcher
This hand sewing awl is used to make a stitch like a sewing machine.
Comes with an extra needle and thread.Replacement needles available

B. Waxed Nylon Thread
25 yard spool of white thread

C. Waxed Nylon Thread
25 yard spool of dark brown thread

D. Osborne Harness Needle Pack
2 3/8" nickle plated needles, 25 per package

F. Osborne Hand Sewing Needles
Five different needles. Two curved upholstery
needles, two sharp edged packing needles, and one straight canvas needle.

G. Osborne Sewing Awl
Hard maple handle with 2 1/2" diamond point blade. Comes with chuck and wrench.

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A. Copper Rivets and Burrs
3/4" #9 rivets in a 1lb. box.
B. Assorted Rivets
1/4 lb. of #9 copper rivets in four sizes- 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4".
C. Rivet Setter
Used to set #9 rivets like the ones shown.
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Osborne Revolving Punch

This high quality tool is made of polished forged steel.
The cutting tubes are hand turned from special carbon tool steel
and threaded for easy replacement.
Tube sizes 5/64 3/32 7/64 1/8 11/64 13/64

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Osborne Economy Revolving Punch

Nickle plated leather punch in 6 sizes
5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"

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Superior Quick Change Buckle

This type of stirrup adjustment buckle has become very popular.
There buckles available for both thick and medium leather.
We stock the complete buckle or just the replacement
clip plates. They are sold individually.

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Blevins Style Stirrup Adjustment Buckle

This is the traditional stirrup adjustment buckle. It comes in two different
widths, 2 1/2" and 3". We also sell the leather covered slides.
The buckles and the slides are sold individually.

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Leather Strings

This is the same oil-tanned leather that we use on our
saddle strings. They are cut 1/2" wide and are as long
as the side of leather allows which is usually 6' to 8'.
These are very handy to have around for repairs.

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Bridle Ties

This is a strip of leather with beveled edges
made to repair bridles and reins. Each strip
measures 1/4" wide and is 5' to 7' long.
You can get several repair ties out of one strip.

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Rawhide Braided Rings

Hand braided rawhide on a brass 1 1/2" ring.
Used on saddles, chaps and other projects.

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Mohair Cinch Cord

This all natural cord is what you would
use to tie your own cinches.
It comes in 50' and 100' lengths and measures
1/4" in diameter.

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