Mule Hide Horn Wrap

A. Mule Hide Horn Wraps

Mule hide horn wraps are 1 1/2" leather strips that are
wrapped around your saddle horn to provide protection and a little grip to the rope.
Some people dally on the Mule Hide and some put rubber over the top of it.
These are very popular with Wade saddles.

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How to wrap a saddle horn with
a mulehide horn wrap

1) Put a 6 inch slit on one end
of the wrap and point the other end.

2) We like to soak the hornwrap in water before we put it on.
Put the slit over the horn and have the longer side
of the wrap going toward the back of the saddle.

3) Take the wrap and go under the gullet and come out
on the right side of the horn and wrap clockwise
( For right handed ropers).

4) Wrap as much as you want and then tuck the pointed end
under the beginning slit to tie it off. The wrap will
tighten with use. Cut off excess material.

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