A. 4-36 Braided Harness Headstall
This is the brow band version or our braided harness leather headstall.
It is 5/8" double adjustment, very nice and usable.

B. 4-575 Brow Band Headstall
Braided rawhide knots on 5/8" harness leather with a single adjustment.
Not too fancy, not too plain.

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A. 4-102 Brow Band Headstall

Heavy harness leather in a 1" width.
It is a double adjustment headstall with bit ties.

B. 4-105 Brow Band Headstall

This is one of our best sellers.
Double buckle harness leather in a 5/8" width.

C. 4-100 Brow Band Headstall

Single adjustment brow band with bit ties.
A very functional headstall in a 5/8" width.

D. 4-106 Brow Band Headstall

Trainer style headstall with buckles at bit ends for an easy bit change.
5/8" harness leather with brass hardware.

E. 4-101 Browband Headstall

Browband headstall in 3/4" harness leather. Double buckle.

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A. 4-35 Sliding Ear Headstall

A very durable harness leather headstall with natural rawhide braiding and double
buckles.Ties at bit ends.

C. 4-19 Sliding Ear Headstall

Sliding ear headstall in harness leather. Double buckle 5/8" wide.

D. 4-122 Sliding Ear Headstall

Basket stamped slide ear headstall available in light leather (shown) or dark oil.
5/8" double buckle.

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Fitted Ear Headstall

Double buckle headstall in 5/8" harness leather.
This very serviceable pattern has been used for years.

Browband Headstall

Basket stamped browband headstall in 5/8" width.
This double buckle headstall is available in light leather (shown) or dark oil.

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A. 4-300 Split Ear Headstall

Harness leather split ear headstall with rawhide trim.
Double buckle.

B. 4-200 Split Ear Headstall

Double buckle split ear headstall in 5/8'' harness leather.

C. 4-107 Split Ear Headstall

Harness leather split ear headstall in 5/8" width.
Single buckle with ties.

D. 4-109 Strap Headstall

Harness strap headstall in 3/4'' width.
Cowpuncher buckle.

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