Palm Leaf Hats

Palm Leaf Hats

These are lightweight, durable hats handcrafted by the Maya-Quiche
Indians of Guatemala. The hats are available in any of the shapes
shown, or you may shape the hat yourself. Just soak the hat
in water and then shape. They feature a 1" black
nylon hatband that is removable, and a sewn-in sweatband
made of padded nylon cloth. Hatbands, eyelets, or a stampede string
may be also be added. Call for sizes not listed below.

The shipping cost for orders of multiple Palm Leaf Hats that
can be shipped in the same box will be calculated by our staff.
By default hats now ship primarily through the US Postal Service
Parcel Select and usually arrive approximately eight to ten business days
after shipping. If you have any questions regarding a hat order,
shipping rates or need your hat delivered more quickly please
call 1(800) 634-4502 and we will provide an accurate shipping cost.

Click here to view Horsehair Hatbands

Unshaped Palm Hat
4" Brim Palm Hat

Left unshaped so that you can shape it yourself.

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Unshaped Palm Hat
4 1/2" & 5" Brim

This palm hat is left unshaped or open crown for you to
shape yourself. These hats can be shaped but soaking them in water
for a few minutes and them shaping them as desired. When
they dry they will return to the soft, pliable hat that you started with.
The hat shown has a 4 1/2" brim.

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West Texas
4" Brim

The West Texas is our most popular shape.
It is available in the sizes below.

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West Texas
4 1/2" Brim

This is the hat shape that we call West Texas with a 4 1/2" brim
Select your size from the pull-down below

This hat is now available with a bound edge

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The Cutter shape is similar to the West Texas except for the
raised "cutter-bumps" on each side of the crown.
This hat has a 4" brim.

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The Puncher shape is a traditional cowboy look with a higher crown
and a broad 5" brim.

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Tom Mix

Another traditional cowboy style hat. This shape was made popular by early
Western movie star, Tom Mix. It has a 5" brim.

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The Vaquero shape features a shorter crown with a flat top.
The 5'" brim is rolled slightly for maximum sun protection.

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The crown on the Gus is slightly lower in the front than
in the back. The wide 5" brim features a pencil roll.

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The Roughstock style features a more open crown popularized
in the Rodeo arena. The brim is 4" wide.

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Two Dot

The crown of theTwo Dot has a simple open shape.
The broad 5" brim is slightly rolled on the edges.

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Panhandle Shape

The Panhandle is our newest shape. It t has a 5" brim with a Taco shape to it.

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Edge Binding

This dark brown edge binding and hatband is available on most hat styles shown.
Tell us that you want a bound edge in the Notes section
of the order form and we will make it happen.

Edge bindings are now available on 4" , 4 1/2" and 5" brim hats
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Eyelets and Stampede String

Eyelets or "air holes" may be put in any of our Palm Leaf hats.
We also have Stampede Strings available in black (shown) or brown
leather that can be put into the hat.

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Leather Hatband
We also have leather hatbands available in black (shown)
or brown that can be put on any hat.

Click here to view Horsehair Hatbands
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Horsehair Stampede String

This type of braided horsehair stampede string passes
through the brim of the hat forming a hatband-stampede string combination.
Our different styles of Horsehair stampedes can be seen
by selecting the link below.

More Stampede Strings

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