Curb Straps

C. 4-909
12-link curb with harness leather ends

D. 4-914
Single chain curb with harness leahter ends.

E. 4-901
Double chain curb with harness leather ends.

F. 4-903
Rounded harness leather, double buckle.

G. 4-918
Double buckle curb strap in 5/8" harness leather.

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H. 4-902
Latigo leather curb strap, 1/2" wide.

(not shown) The same curb but in harness leather.

I. 4-919
8 link curb with 1/2"nylon straps

K. 4-910
Stainless steel flat curb chains with hooks

L. 4-904
Curb chain with 1/2" nylon ends

M. 4-920
Round braided nylon cord with nylon ends

N. 4-912
Harness leather with tie ends and rawhide knots

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