Big Bend Saddlery Conchos

Our conchos are hand-made and hand-engraved Sterling silver.
They come in several sizes and in two styles (round and pico).
They can be made with screw backs, bridle loops or slotted.
The conchos shown are antiqued, but are also available in a bright finish.
They can also be made plain instead of engraved, which is also shown.
Please let us know which type of back you want and which finish.
You can put this information in the notes area of the order form.
Click on the image for an enlarged view

A. 1'' Engraved Round Concho- Slotted
B. 1 3/4" Engraved Pico Edge - Slotted
C. 3/4" Engraved Pico Edge Concho- Screw Back
D. 1 1/2" Engraved Round Concho- Slotted

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Big Bend Saddlery Custom Brand Conchos

Made from solid sterling silver with a gold rope edge and brands, these conchos have
an antique finish and chicago screw attachments. They are shown in 1 1/2" size but are
available in others. The price includes the brand. Please mail, fax or
email a clear image of the brand you want on them.
( Fax 432-837-7278)

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Campbell Conchos

Made from browned steel with silver overlays, these conchos are slotted and measure 1 1/2".

A. Campbell Barbwire Concho
B. Campbell Clover Concho
C. Campbell Cross Concho
D. Campbell Star Concho
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Nickle Conchos

Our German or ''Nickle'' Silver conchos are available in the styles shown.
They can be made slotted, with chicago screw backs or with a
bridle loop back. These conchos are very durable and affordable.

    A. Scalloped Concho
    B. High Dome Concho
    C. Low Dome Concho
Please state which style you want (scalloped, high dome or low dome)
in the notes section of the order form
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Cowperson Tack Concho

Nickle silver and copper on engraved gun-blue steel.
These conchos are 1 1/2" and are slotted.

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Brass Conchos

These affordable and durable brass conchos are available smooth or with a raised star pattern.
They are slightly domed and slotted.

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Stainless Steel Conchos

We use these conchos on chaps because of their durability low cost.
They come smooth or with a star pattern in three different sizes.
They are slotted with a slight dome.

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