Bedroll Tarps

Cowboy Bedroll Tarps

Used for years by working cowboys, these tarps are made of sturdy 18 oz. cotton ducking.
They measure 7' X 17', have hemmed edges, and are complete with snaps and rings.
The tarps fold over the mattress lengthwise, then fold together in the center with
plenty of tarp left to cover your head in a storm. Also available is a 28" wide X 72" long X 4" thick foam mattress
and leather bedroll straps so that you can roll up and move camp.

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One way to roll a bedroll

1. Lay the tarp out with the snaps and
rings facing down. Place the mattress on the
same end of the tarp as the snaps,
starting 18 to 24 inches from the edge.

2. Add whatever bedding you desire. We like to
use two flat sheets, wool blankets, pillows or
whatever. Tuck all of this under the mattress.
It has been rumored that the older a
man gets, the more blankets he adds to his bedroll.

3. Bring the long end of the tarp up even with
the other end, covering the mattress and bedding.

4. Bring both sides togeather over the mattress so
that the snaps and rings meet in the
center and then snap it up.

5. Roll the bed up starting from the pillow end.
This makes sure that there are no open areas
in the bedroll to keep out dirt, insects and varmints.

6. Tie the bedroll up with straps and you
are ready to go. Our bedroll tarps are
made from heavy 18 oz. tarp that keeps the
water, wind and dirt out. If the tarp
gets wet, you should lay it out and
let it dry as soon as possible
to prevent mold and mildew.

We ship our bedrolls out this way
so that all you have to do is
unroll and add your bedding. We also
sell the tarp, mattress and straps individually.

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