Rawhide Bosals

A. Pencil Bosal
1/4" diameter bosals with rawhide core.

B. Custom Bosal
Hand-braided 12 plait bosal with rawhide core.

C. Round Bosal
3/8" caveson bosal with rawhide core.

D. Custom Bosal
Top quality 3/8" rawhide bosals with rawhide core.

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The Fiador is made from black nylon cord although shown here in white. It is used in conjunction a bosal. It replaces the throat latch on the headstall and is used to keep the Bosal up off of the horses jaw.

The Fiador shown has been rigged out with a Bosal and Mecate reins.
To view the complete Bridle click on the link below.

Complete Bridle

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