Children Books

Josefina Javelina
by Susan Lowell

A hilarious, hairy tale of a Javelina that was born to dance.
Ah, to be famous!
My name in lights!
My hooves on point!
My fur in tights!

The Ranch Dog

By Ree Drummond

From the New York Times best selling author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.
Come along as Ree introduces us to her beloved dangly-eared, floppy-skined,
short-legged pioneer dog named Charlie. Illustrated by Diane deGroat.

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Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse
by Rebecca Janni
illustrations by Lynne Avril

Nellie Sue is a true cowgirl with lots of chores
to do- even on her birthday. Whether she's harvesting hay
(raking the lawn) or rounding up strays (gathering the neighbors for her birthday party),
Nellie Sue reckons it all would be easier and more fun
if only she had a horse. Hardback.

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The Three Little Javelinas
By Susan Lowell
The timeless Three Little Pigs story with a southwestern backdrop. Hardback

The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit
By Susan Lowell
The story of the tortoise and the hare with a southwestern flair. Hardback.

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Cowboy Alphabet
by James Rice
A is for armadillo, B is for bronc. A hillarious collection of cowboy
phrases and words for every letter of the alphabet. Hardback.

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Why Cowboys Need a Brand
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton
A story about determination, hard work, brands and what
they say about a man. Hardback.

Why Cowboys Sleep with Their Boots On
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton
Desert animals teach one old cowboy that it isn't a good
idea to leave one's clothes unattended at night. Hardback

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The Gullywasher
by Joyce Rossi
An old vaquero tells his grandaughter the story of a horrible storm
that turned him from a strong young man into the grandfather
she knows today.
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Cindy Ellen
by Susan Lowell
Illustrated by Jane Manning
A wild west Cinderella story.
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Cowboy Rodeo
Written and Illustrated by James Rice
Texas Jack, a wise jackrabbit, tells the story of how cowboy contests developed into what we call now rodeos.

Texas Zeke and the Longhorn
By David Davis Illustrated by Alan Fearl Stacy
Old Texas cowboy Zeke is looking forward to a hot bowl of chili but to get it, he must get his newly purchased steer into the corral. By enlisting the help of a collie, a mesquite stick, a campfire, a javelina, a burro, a prickly pear cactus, an armadillo, a pretty gal, and a mockingbird, he finally gets his dinner--- but not without the possibility of the antics starting all over again!

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Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse
Written and Illustrated by Jean Ekman Adams
Clarence, a small pig, goes out west to a ranch and meets Smoky, a purple horse. Smoky and Clarence become best of friends. Smoky has to leave the ranch and Clarence fights to keep Smoky on the ranch.
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Over in the Garden
by Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler
Set to the traditional tune "Over in the Meadow". Teaches youngsters how to count as they follow the insects from ladybugs to fireflies. Every illustration has hidden numbers.
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Christmas at the J-O
Written and Illustrated by James Rice
On Christmas Eve, Jason and Patricia are alone on the ranch. Papa is on a drive with a blizzard blowing in. Patricia and Jason hear a gate banging in the wind and sneak outside to shut it. They cannot make it back inside due to the weather. Can they stand the cold? Will Papa make it home for Christmas?
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Why Cowboys Need a Pardner
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton
Illustrated by James Rice
Slim Jim is all alone working on his ranch, he passes the time by telling stories to his horse, Bonecrusher. Of course, Bonecrusher cannot talk back. However, Slim Jim is hungry for conversation that he starts to hear the cattle talk. He figures out he better get himself a pardner before he goes completely "loco".
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Texas Alphabet
Written and Illustrated by James Rice
In his famous, Texas drawl, Texas Jack, a native jackrabbit, teaches the reader about significant Lone Star characters, historical events and geography. Texas Jack also offers a humorous commentary about each entry. From Austin to Zavala and everything in between this book completely covers the Lone Star State.
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Trail Drive
Written and Illustrated by James Rice
Texas Jack, sees that millions of Longhorn cattle roamed the vast plains of Texas after the end of the Civil War. To sell the cattle, cowboys had to round up, brand and move a herd numbering up to 5,000 cattle to markets 1,000 miles to the north. This is what they call a cattle drive. Along the way they encountered flooding rivers, fierce dust storms, thunderstorms, and Indians. But Texas Jack sees the job had to be done and the cowboys loved their way of life so the trail drives went on and on.

Holt and the Cowboys
By Jim McCafferty Illustrated by Florence S. Davis
It's not easy learning how to be a cowboy. The long hot days, the uncomfortable saddles, and the belligerent strays can take their toll on a ranch hand. Many a strong-willed man has headed home with his hat in his hand after the first rigorous month, but not the legendary Holt Collier. After the Civil War, this son of a Mississippi slave learned he had to break in the horses and break down the prejudices that stood in the way of his becoming a real Texas ranch rider.
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Gaston Goes to Texas
Written and Illustrated by James Rice
Gaston, the Green-Nosed Alligator, is off on another adventure, this time to cowboy country. Taken in by a group of rough-looking cowboys, he learns firsthand the difficult life of a cowboy on the range, but he meets the challenge, winning the grudging respect of his fellow cowhands.
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Way Out in the Desert
Written by T.J Marsh and Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler
This story goes along with the beat "Over in the Meadow" filled with illustrations of plants and animals from the Sonoran Desert. This book will teach youngsters how to count and every illustration has hidden numbers to find.

Horned Toad Canyon
By Joyce Gibson Roach Illustrated by Charles Shaw
This story is rich with culture, language and natural history. These elements are subtle yet integral to placing the reader within the landscape and allowing them to feel, hear, see, and experience the story accurately. Small details about biology and natural histroy are accurately described, then mixed with facts to create the delightful personification of each animal, from the brave horned lizard, Tuck, to the awkward Harris Hawk.

Kissing Coyotes
By Marcia Vaughan Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler
Kissing Coyotes? Who's ever heard of such nonsense? It all starts at the watering hole when Gila Monster, Roadrunner and Fox provoke Jack Rabbit into taking a very entertaining risk. Everyone gets a little more than they bargained for as Jack Rabbit races around the desert, avoiding rattlesnakes, longhorn cattle, and skunks all by the hair of his hot little heels. Paper back only

How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears
By Heather Irbinskas Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler
Jackrabbit is chosen by the Great Spirit to lead some new creatures to earth and intoduce them to their desert homes. The Great Spirit tells Jackrabbit about the different creatures but he does not listen. When the creatures asked about themselves Jackrabbit had to make up stories about them which began to make them feel bad.

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Phoebe Clappsaddle
and the Tumbleweed Gang

By Melanie Chrismer
Illustrated by Virginia Marsh Roeder
In the territory south of Big Spring, west of Marathon,
north of Terlingua, and east of El Paso, lived a southwestern
Belle named Phoebe Clappesaddle. She had sweet Southern manners
and tough Western skills. Acting like a lady never stopped
her from being a good rancher. She could ride and
rope anything, and she did. When three filthy brothers
called the Tumbleweed Gang blew into town. It was up
to Phoebe to teach them some manners and a
few lessons in roping and riding too.
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Goodnight Cowgirl
By Glenn Dromgoole Illustrated by Barbra Clack
From boots and hat to jackrabbits and soft clouds,
the Little Cowgirl bids "Good Night!" as the sun sets in the western sky.

Goodnight Cowboy
By Glenn Dromgoole Illustrated by Barbra Clack
From boots and hat to jackrabbits and soft clouds,
the Little Cowboy bids "Good Night!" as the sun sets in the western sky.

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