Lone Star Justice

The First Century of the Texas Rangers
by Robert M. Utley

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Lone Star Lawmen

The Second Century of the Texas Rangers
by Robert M. Utley

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The Life and Times of Warner Glenn
by Ed Ashurst

Baxter Black says it best, "Warner Glenn is a simple man,
not easily swayed from his principles. He has character,
honor, modesty and inner strength. Tough, with a smile. Handshake, with
a promise. A gladiator when defending what he loves.
When he invites you to rope at his branding,
to shoot the lion on his hunt, to play a tune
on his fiddle, or even to say grace at his table,
It's like Mickey Mantle handing you the bat and saying,
Why don't you take a few swings."
This is the story of Warner Glenn.

I'll Drop You Off
by Kris Wilson

A 40 day devotional written by the late Kris Wilson.
The author of the Facebook page Western Faithbook and former
ranch manager has followed God's calling to write this
book to offer encouragement and Biblical instruction
to other cowboys. Paperback.

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Alligators in the Moat
Politics and the Mexican Border
by Ed Ashurst

While the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE receive the most criticism
for our failed policy concerning illegal activity on the Mexican border,
the situation is exactly what most politicians are comfortable with.
Meanwhile patriotic federal agents as well as U.S. citizens
who live and work along the border are being thrown
under the bus and anyone who criticizes Washington
is threatened, slandered or even worse.

Wild Cattle and Rough Country Cowboying in the American Southwest
by Ed Ashurst

As the title suggests, Mavericks deals with the capture of wild cattle.
This book is contains the stories of the men and their mounts
who faced this challenge daily. It contains many, many images
of catching and handling of wild stock.
The original atrwork is by Mike Capron with additional writings
by Stella Hughes, Skeet Gould, Gail Gardner, Duane Reece,
Bruce Kiskaddon and Jim Marler. Hardback.

Wagon Boss
A True Cowboy Story
by Ed Ashurst

Wagon Boss follows Ed Ashurst to the Diamond A Ranch in Northern Arizona,
giving the reader a realistic, gritty and often humorous view of the life
of the Arizona Cowboy. This paperback book is illustrated by Mike Capron.

Real Cowboys
Grand Canyon to Mexico
by Ed Ashurst

This book represents forty-some years of gathering cowboy stories.
It is illustrated by Texas artist Mike Capron with a foreword by
artist Fred Fellows. It contains 240 pages, 70-some thousand words,
91 pictures including old photographs and original Capron sketches. It is a hardcover
with a dust jacket and is printed in the USA. This is
a great book for anyone who likes to read about the western lifestyle.

One if by Land
by William R. Daniel

For over twenty years ranchers on our southern border have stood alone,
overrun with smugglers, criminals, illegal immigrants, and terrorists.
As our government turned a blind eye to their plight they maintained
their way of life and attempted to alert the country of the coming danger.
One If by Land gives voice to their story.
Today, men and women of law enforcement join the ranchers and together they
expose the government policies that have tenaciously maintained an open,
lawless, and deadly border. Their warning is older than our country: "one if by land."

Evidence-Based Horsemanship
by Dr. Steven Peters & Martin Black

Renowned Horseman, Martin Black and Neuroscientist, Dr. Stephen Peters co-author
Evidence-Based Horsemanship which combines science, the understanding of brain function with
an empirical understanding of the subtleties of a horse's behaviors,
reactions, and chemical states.Paperback

Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed
by Robert & Judy Wagers

The first book to present a detailed examination of light phenomena
and their applicability to mysterious light displays seen throughout the
world, including the famous Marfa lights in the Big Bend region
of southwest Texas. Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed is a must-read for anyone
interested in west Texas history, mysterious lights seen anywhere in the
world (the physics are the same everywhere), or anyone planning a trip to the Big Bend region
of Texas. Paperback

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Legendary Locals of the Big Bend and Davis Mountains
by Jim Glendinning
A look into the history of some of the unique individuals
and groups that have shaped the Big Bend area of Texas. Paperback

Tied Hard and Fast
by Don Cadden
The story of West Texas cowboy Apache Adams. Come ride with Apache
as you track cow thieves through the canyons of the Big Bend,
catch illegal cattle along the Mexican border and ride a few horses
that don't want to be ridden. You may even get a chance
to rope a mountain lion along the way. Paperback.

by David W. Keller
The history of Alpine Texas through many pages of archival
photographs and historical accounts with a brief look at Alpine today

Cowboys Past, Present & Future
by Jack Brainard
In his unique cowboy vernacular, Brainard traces the development and history of
the American cowboy from the Texas cowboy, to the California vaquero,
to the buckaroo. Hardback

Casey Tibbs
Born to Ride
by Rusty Richards
This is the only authorized biography of the life of rodeo superstar,
Casey Tibbs. This is a biography that inspires, amuses, saddens and gives
real meaning to determination and grit. Casey Tibbs deserves to have his
story told and Richards has done a fine job of doing so.

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Empire of the Summer Moon
by S.C. Gwynne

In the tradition of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, a stunningly
vivid historical account of the forty year battle between Comanche Indians and the
white settlers for control of the American West, centering on Quanah Parker,
the greatest Comanche chief of them all. Paperback.

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Arena Legacy
The Heritage of American Rodeo
by Richard C. Rattenbury

A huge, 7 pound book with over 400 pages full of historic facts, photographs and trappings of the American Rodeo Cowboy. Follow the history of Rodeo from it's humble beginnings in county fairs and reunions to it's rise in national prominence between 1920 and 1960 and the creation of the United CowboysTurtle Association in 1936. This hardback book covers the sport of Rodeo as it evolved from an amature contest for working cowhands to a multi-million dollar competotion for professional athletes.

The Amazing Tale of Mr. Herbert and His Famous
Alpine Cowboys Baseball Club

by DJ Stout

The strory of Herbert Kokernot, owner of the vast 06 ranch, and his Alpine Cowboy baseball team. This book covers the teams history between 1946 and 1961 and how they became stars of Texas semi-pro baseball. The cowboys played at Kokernot Field, a facility that rivaled many professional ballparks. This hardback book contains over 240 pages and many historical photographs.

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Luis Ortega's Rawhide Artistry
Brading in the California Tradition
by Chuck Stormes and Don Reeves

Louis Otrega elevated his craft to collectable art and influenced a generation of gear makers. This is the most comprensive overview of his life, art, and career and the first book-length work on rawhide braiding in North America, charting changes in horse gear over five decades. Chuck Stormes and Don Reeves introduce readers to an itinerant cowboy who strove for a level of craftsmanship and artistry what the market expected- and to be the best in his field.

The Spurs of James J. Wheat
Pioneer Collector
by Bruce Bartlett

More than just a collection of awesome spur photographs, this book provides good information for spur aficionados and collectors. This is the collection of late West Texas oilman James J. Wheat of Loving County, a pioneer spur collector with the means for the best. The spur makers covered in this book range from the 1880 to some of the modern day craftsmen.

Cowboy Park
by John O. Baxter

A century ago, when Texas, New Mexico and Arizona outlawed steer roping contests, there was one place a southwestern roper could go to hone his skills; Cowboy Park, the arena established in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. During the formative years of Rodeo that preceded the first Calgary Stampede in 1912, Cowboy Park promoted the sport of steer roping and provided a ready training ground for up-and-coming champions. This is the story of that period of time along with photographs, many published for the first time

Portrait of a Texas Ranch
by Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell

The famous 6666 Ranch of Texas is captured in Photography by Wyman Meinzer, the official Photographer of the State of Texas. Red Steagall says, "Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell take you on an unbelievable journey through the beauty, the grandeur and the drama of one of the most magnificent ranches on the planet".
This is a nice, big hardback book that you are sure to enjoy.

One Ranger A Memoir
BY H. Joaquin Jackson and David Marion Wilkinson

In this adventure-filled memoir, Joaquin Jackson recalls what it was like to be the Ranger who responded when riots threatened, violence erupted , and criminals needed to be brought to justice across a wide swath of the Texas-Mexico border from 1966 to 1993.Hardback and Paperback

One Ranger Returns

By H. Joaquin Jackson with James L. Haley.

This book follows the first One Ranger Book. Joaquin Jackson recalls his five-year pursuit of two of America's most notorious serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole. He sets the record straight about the role of the Texas Rangers during the United Farm Workers strike in the Rio Grande Valley in 1966-1967. Jackson also describes the frustration of trying to solve a cold case from 1938 the brutal murder of a mother and daughter in the lonely desert east of Van Horn. And he presents a rogue's gallery of cattle rustlers, drug smugglers and a teetotaling bootlegger named Tom Bybee, a modest, likeable man who became and ax murderer. Joining Jackson in this book is his wife Shirley and sons Don Joaquin and Lance, whose stories about life with the Ranger reveal aspects of his character that weren't as fully displayed in the first book.
Hardback and Paperback.

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How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear
by Bruce Grant
Bridles, hackmores, reins, reatas, quirts, and riding crops are shown how to be made in this book. This book also features a special section on how to make a saddle. Paperback.

Leather Braiding
by Bruce Grant
This book has step by step instructions, detailed illustrations, and facinating information of leather braiding. This book is said to be the definitive book in this field. Paperback.

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding
by Bruce Grant
Combing al the braiding from Leather Braiding and How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear Bruce Grant has also added over 200 pages and 350 illustrations to make this a book to be used as well as read. Hardback.

How To Make Whips
by Ron Edwards
Gives instructions for the basic 8 strand whip, fine kangaroo hide whips, bullwhips, snake whips, and whips made from precut lace. Also included are instructions on plaiting names and using plaiting designs for handles. Hardback.

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Reinsman of the West
by Ed Connell

Knots, Hitches and Their Uses
by John Sharp
This book is directed primarily toward the horseman and packer in its portrayal of halters, packhorse hitches, foot ties, and bosal wraps and knots. Also includes help with tying up a boat, sewing on a button and tying a shoelace. Paperback.

Sheridan Style Carving
by Bill Gardner and Clinton Fay
A how to book showing pattern making, layouts and more. Paperback.

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True Unity
by Tom Dorrance
A willing communication between horse and human by the man that inspired Ray Hunt. Hardback.

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Bit and Spur Makers in the Texas Tradition
by Ned and Jody Martin and Kurt House
A historical look at Texas Bit and Spur makers. Hardback.

by Russel H. Beatie
A handsome, definitive history book of the saddle. Hardback.

Cowboy Culture
by Michael Friedman
American antiques shown in over 700 color photos. Revised edition. Hardback.

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Cowboy Bits and Spurs
by Joice Overton
Color photos of bits and spurs with values of each. Hardback.

Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers
by Jane Pattie
Lavishly illustrated spurs in black and white and full color plates with a list of makers, locations, and characteristics of each. Hardback.

Cowboy Spur Maker
by Jane Pattie and Tom Kelly
The Story of Ed Blanchard. Continues Pattie's story from Cowboy Spur and Their Makers and Kelly adds his other history of being a cattleman. Paperback.

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We Pointed Them North
by E.C. Abbot & Helen Hunnington Smith
Tales of the cattle trails from Texas to Montana during the 1870s and 1880s. The story of "Teddy Blue" Abbot. Paperback .

The Cowboy at Work
All About His Job and How He Does It
by Fay E. Ward
Do you have questions about the difference between buckaroos and cowboys? The cows that roam the deserts and the ones in the forest? This book can answer those questions. Written by a cowboy of 40 years, with drawings to illustrate his point. Paperback.

Trail To Ogallala
by Benjamin Capps
From south Texas to Nebraska, a novel of he great cattle drive.

by Jack Schaefer
Classic literature of the American West. First published in 1949 and made into a movie in 1953. Paperback.

by Mari Sandoz
The story of the vast cattle industry of the American West. Paperback.

Come an' Get It
by Ramon F. Adams
The story of a salty cowboy range cook
that follows the evolution of the chuckwagon
and its relation to the cattle industry.

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Cowboys Who Rode Proudly
compiled and edited by Evetts Haley, Jr.
Stories of 27 different people who shaped our modern ranching methods. Hardback.

Trails Plowed Under
by Charles M. Russell
In his stories, sketches and paintings, Charlie Russell, gives a picture of the early days in Montana and Wyoming. A western classic continuously in print for over sixty years. Paperback.

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Lambshead Before Interwoven
A Texas Range Chronicle 1848-1878
by Frances Mayhugh Holden
Drawing by John Guerin
Holden tells of earlier events in the area and recounts some episodes that were omitted from Interwoven. Hardback.
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Panhandle Cowboy
by John R. Erickson
Foreword by Larry McMurtry
Straight forward book about the texture of modern cowbowing in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Hardback.

The Trail Drivers of Texas
Edited by J. Marvin Hunter
True narratives by the cowboys and men who fathered the cattle industry in Texas. Paperback.

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Bob Kleberg and the King Ranch
A Worldwide Sea of Grass
by John Cypher
A historical account of Bob Kleberg and the infamous King Ranch told by the top assistant to the man who started it all. Paperback.

Life on the King Ranch
by Frank Goodwyn
Foreword by Bruce S. Cheeseman
A story of Goodwyn and his ranch friends, of the heritage that was theirs, the way they worked, the tales they told, and the fun they had on the largest cattle operation in America. Paperback.

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Deep In The Heart Of Texas
by Kathleen Jo Ryan
Kathleen Jo Ryan interviews and photographs thirteen of the states largest cattle ranchers. Hardback.

Texas Cattle Barons
Essays by Elmer Kelton
Photography by Kathleen Jo Ryan.
Stories and portraits of the people who shape the Texas cattle industry. Hardback.

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Pitchfork Country
The Photography of Bob Moorhouse.

Moorehouse's photographic work reflects his trademark style. His photographic images are nothing less than an accurate portrayal of ranch life in Northwest Texas. Available in Paperback or Hardback.

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How Come It's Called That?
Virginia Madison and Hallie Stillwell
Names of places in the Big Bend country of West Texas. Paperback.

Tales of the Big Bend
by Elton Miles
Stories of the Marfa Lights, the Murder Steer and other Big Bend Tales. Paperback.

Shades of the West
by Ted Gray
This autobiography follows Ted Gray through 55 years of cattle, horses, ranching, friendship and trading.

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I'll Gather My Geese
by Hallie Crawford Stillwell
The autobiography of a lady who, at age 19, went
to teach school on the Mexican border. Hardback.

My Goose is Cooked
by Hallie Crawford Stillwell
In her second book, the late Hallie Stillwell tells the story of
her life with warmth and humor and of how she took over
after the intimely death of her husband. Paperback. .

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Best Remudas
By Jim Jennings
The Remuda is defined as "the herd of horses from which those to be used for the day are chosen." The ranches in this book received the Best Remuda Award because of the quality of their remudas. This book is the story of the ranches, but it is also the story of the tool the ranches use on a daily basis- the horse.
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