Ben K. Green Books

Horse Tradin'
by Ben K. Green, D.V.M.
Hilarious tales of the author's experiences around the corrals, livery stables, and wagon yards of the cattleman's West. Paperback.

Some More Horse Tradin'
by Ben K. Green, D.V.M.
More of the great yarns that made the first book,Horse Tradin' , so popular. Paperback.

The Village Horse Doctor
by Ben K. Green, D.V.M.
The author recalls the years he was " Doc Green " out of Fort Stockton, Texas, in the vast open spaces of the desert Southwest. Paperback.

Wild Cow Tales
by Ben K. Green D.V.M.
Thirteen chapters of wild adventures with steers that couldn't be caught, cows that couldn't be seen, and Sheriffs who didn't like cattle drives down the streets of their towns. Paperback. Currently out of print.

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