Breast Collars

Pulling Collar

This is our newest Breast Collar. It is made of heavy skirting leather which is double thickness. It features stainless steel hardware and straps that pass through the gullet of the saddle.

This style of collar is very popular with ranch cowboys.

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Martingale Collar

The Martingale collar features a curved shape designed to avoid the points of the shoulders. This collar is available basket stamped (shown), carlos border stamped or in plain leather. It attachs to rings mounted high on the saddle. It comes with stainless steel hardware.

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Buster Collar

We call this the Buster collar because the pattern was given to us by Buster McLaury, horseman and cowboy. Made from heavy harness leather, this collar fastens with straps that pass through the gullet of your saddle. The gullet straps are included. The idea behind this is to have a breast collar that does not restrict movement of the horse by pulling on the points of the shoulder. It can be made slickout (shown) or roughout.

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Basket Tripping Collar
Designed for the steer roper, this 4" collar is padded and lined. It features Stainless steel D rings with 1 " side straps, two on each side. It is fully handmade and basket stamped.

Plain Tripping Collar
The same Tripping collar as above in a plain leather finish. Handmade hardware and heavy skirting leather make this a fine roping collar. Complete with two 1" side straps on each side.

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Basket Three-Ring Collar
Heavy skirting leather construction, handmade stainless hardware, lined and basket stamped, this collar comes with 1" side straps, one on each side.

Plain Three Ring Collar
This is the Three-Ring Collar in plain leahter. It is often lettered and used as a trophy collar. This design is smooth on the back to prevent rubbing the horse.

Narrow Three-Ring Collar
The narrow three-ring collar is our most popular design. This style is 1 1/2" wide and basket stamped.

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Ranger Collar
Shown with Basket stamping, the Ranger collar is 2 1/2" wide with 1" side straps, one on each side.
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